7th BICF has upgraded so much! Go to the world!

The 7th Busan International Comedy Festival (BICF), which has established itself as one of Asia’s leading comedy festivals, is preparing for a richer return with reinforced line-ups and plots. The BICF, which has filled the Busan summer with laughter, has contributed to revitalizing comedy in Korea and has grown into Asia’s biggest comedy festival. In its 7th year, with a super line-up of talent, audience expectations are really high. The BICF has drawn more attention this year with new creative content, fresh ideas, and fun. The new shows include “Women-only Spa Show”, Park Mi-sun’s first theater show;  “Treasure Island”, the first theater show for the YouTubers; “Cre-Waiter”, staged in a unique format called Relay Comedy Week; and “Talk Bomb”, performed by Hwang Hyeon-hui, Park Sung-ho, and Kim Dae-beom.

Various performances by overseas artists are awaiting audiences as well. “Tape face”, a “America’s got Talent” finalist, will perform a mime comedy performance with quirky imagination and pop music. And three more international teams will join BICF this year to meet Korean fans.

The closing ceremony is also expected to be more spectacular with “Jeon Yu-seong’s Show, Show, Show”, a 50th anniversary performance by comedian Jeon Yu-seong. This veteran comedian will showcase the essence of gag humor at the festival’s grand finale.

The year’s festival should run more smoothly with the special and newly named volunteers Cobongs. Furthermore, student press corps, organized for the first time this year, will vividly document the scene by taking photos and videos of the festival.

For more active communication with audiences, side events have been strengthened this year, such as “Comedy Street” with super-lineups and “Open Concerts” throughout the city.

The BICF has played a pivotal role in spreading the reputation of Korean Comedy around the world. As an international festival, the BICF emphasizes publicity activities to extend its overseas reach. The BICF Organizing Committee plans to expand its publicity efforts to Gyeongsang provinces as well as every corner of the city of Busan.

With the opening ceremony taking place on Friday, August 23rd, at 7:00 pm, the 7th BICF will be held for 10 days until Sunday, September 1st. The shows will mainly take place at venues in Shinsegae Centum City and in outdoor concert halls around the city.