BICF Fever Grips Busan with the Release of Its Official Poster

The cheerful official poster of the 5th Busan International Comedy Festival (BICF) was unveiled amid high expectations.


This year’s BICF poster changed its background color from yellow to sky blue, which symbolizes the blue sea and clear summer sky of the host city, Busan. In particular, the poster of this year accentuates neatness and harmony through the use of the symbolic colors of the mascot lighthouse, Funny. The appearance of Funny holding the globe with his hand illustrates that the BICF is evolving into an international festival, attracting considerable attention from people around the world.


According to the BICF Organizing Committee, considerable efforts have been put into creating the layout of the poster that can match the titles and mascots. The Korean title is placed in the headline and BICF official mascots Funny and Buddy are in the center of the poster. This makes it easy to convey information to audiences in different age groups, allowing them to look forward to a festival where everyone can enjoy themselves regardless of their nationalities and ages.


Funny and Buddy are expected to be loved by all laugh lovers since the main characters have enhanced their pleasant and comical image with joyful poses and actions, as opposed to their previous static one.