BICF Organizing Committee showed comedy performances at a regular assembly of Busan Metropolitan City public officials

On May 2, 2017, comedians Yun-ho Cho, Sang-guk Yang and Jeong-nam Ryu hosted comedy performances as a presentative team of the BICF at a regular assembly of Busan Metropolitan City Hall.

They performed a part of the popular TV show Gag Concert, followed by an introduction of the BICF.

This comedy show was designed for the officials working in Busan Metropolitan City Hall, as Busan Metropolitan City has been cooperating with the BICF and working hard to revitalize comedy in Busan.

Mayor Byeong-soo Seo visited Australia’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival with the BICF’s organizing members from March 28 to April 4, 2017.

Along with Busan’s endeavor to grow as a representative cultural and tourism city, the BICF Organizing Committee has committed to making Busan citizens happy and healthy with a pleasant smile.