BICF theme song contest

✽ How to apply

Click on the image above to go to ‘SellBuyMusic contest’ page.


✽ Eligibility


  1. No restrictions on genre, format, number of entries


  1. The Song must be completely original in terms of songwriting and must not have been publicly released


✽ Competition Schedule

Reception period: May 23rd – June 11st, 2017

Screening period: June 12nd – 16th, 2017

Announcement of the result: June 19th, 2017 (individual notification, BICF official

website, SellByMusic website)


✽ Awards and Benefits


Prizewinner: One person with 3 million won


Title: BICF theme song contest result announcement!


Many composers participated in the BICF theme song contest over four weeks.

The evaluation was made by a judging committee that include Eun-i Song (comedian) and Eung-yeong Kang (lyricist) with the criteria of 50% completeness and 50% originality.

A song by composer Super Rookie won, receiving favorable reviews such as “directing with the most suitable composition for the festival” and “the most exciting song”

The BICF’s official theme song will be released in July after the comedians’ recording following arrangement by the famous composer.


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