Let’s have fun together, neighborhood people

Period Not planed
Genre comedy

An Jin-ho (11th SBS open recruitment), Choi Bu-gi (14th SBS open recruitment), Jeong Jae-hyeong (13th SBS open recruitment, supermodel debut) from ‘Neighborhood Guys’, a channel which has 1.11 million YouTube subscribers, are visiting Busan to offer laughter to the audience.

Like a hidden camera You Tuber, the performance is prepared so it is like a hidden camera comedy shot on the scene.

From the gym hidden camera, which currently has 12.75 million views, to the hidden camera video of BTS idol trainees, which BTS members have said they have seen, the sketch continues.

Also, the recently released trot song “Alcohol is the Problem” will be performed, rocking the 2020 stage in Busan.