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Comedy Street

Comedy Street is a busking performance that will turn Haeundae Beach into a sea of laughter! It is a program that will allow famous comedy performance teams from home and abroad to change the area around Gunam-ro, Haeundae into a comedy-culture avenue, and will foster connections with the audience.  
Performers Flying Dutchmen A mixture of comedy show and thrilling circus acts such as 10-meter-high unicycling
Duo Full House “Duo Full House”, a comedy duo consisting of Henry from New York and Gaby from Switzerland; a perfect mixture of naughty New York glamour and Swiss country naivete
La Show by La Il-jun A juggling comedy show based on audience participation for men and women of all ages
MIK magic Non-verbal comedy consisting of mime, magic, and juggling
Tape Face Performance by the America’s Got Talent finalist; a hilarious one-man mime show backed by popular songs
Victor Freestyle football juggling comedy show with various extraordinary juggling skills
The MArt Show Contrasting with scary Halloween makeup, a hilarious performance that mixes various tricks and razor-sharp wit to captivate people’s hearts.
Pedro Tochas Improvised audience-participation-based comedy theater using various circus props, with a tale of love, heroes, and villains
The Guitartainer A mix of guitar-playing and other spectacular performances by guitartainer Jung Sun-ho
My Circus An unbelievable Rubik’s cube juggling performance combined with a storytelling balloon show
Magic Wanderer A variety of acrobatics and balloon performances by a seemingly ordinary middle-aged man
August 24, 2019 ~ August 31, 2019