Recording of the Official Theme Song “Laughter Brings Good Luck!”

Korean comedy stars gathered together and shared cheerful energy to make all the preparations for the 5th Busan International Comedy Festival (BICF)


As many as 29 comedians took part in the recording of the BICF official theme song ‘Laughter Brings Good Luck!’ and boosted the anticipation for the festival.


The theme song was recorded on Saturday, July 8th featuring the executive director Jun-ho Kim as well as Jae-seok Yoo, Gu-ra Kim, Guk-jin Kim, Yoo-sung Jeon, Mi-sun Park, Young-ja Lee, Eun-e Song, Sook Kim, Jung-soo Yoon, Min-sang You, Jun-hyun Kim, Se-ho Jo, Gi-ri Kim, Yoon-hwa Hong, Ki-soo Byun, In-kyu Hong, Yoon-ho Jo, Hui-soon Park, Dae-beom Kim, Sang-tae Ahn, the Comedy Monsters (Dong-min Lee, Sang-min Lee, Sang-ho Lee, Woo-il Im), Seung-hye Kim and Jong-hyuk Im. Young-chul Kim and Se-hyung Yang participated in the supplemental recording. All of comedy celebrities got together and made meaningful harmony.


The theme song “Laughter Brings Good Luck!” composed by Super Rookie was selected at the 2017 BICF Theme Song Contest and ran from May 23 (Tue) to June 11 (Sun). This exciting dance song, a good fit for the festival, will be released in August.


The harmony that the comedians’ unique voices made is expected to double the excitement. One of the behind-the-scenes stories is that the recording session was full of pleasure and excitement. Such positive energy is sure to carry over into the theme song.


The BICF’s first theme song holds significance in that it celebrates its 5th anniversary and provides an opportunity to draw more public attention to the festival.


“Amid their hectic schedule, many comedians spared time to come and share their love at the recording wholeheartedly,” said a BICF official. “Thanks to their amazing talent, the recording was successful,” he added, raising the expectation of the song to the utmost level.